9.(A) Tempura Tofu
(deep fried tofu served with tempura sauce)
 (B) Spring Roll
(4 pieces, vegetarian)
10.Ika Sugatayaki
(grilled fresh squid with ginger sauce)
11.Mix Mushroom Butter Yaki
(pan fried mix Japanese mushroom with garlic butter)
12.Surume Tempura
(deep fried dry squid with tempura flour)
13.Tofu Age
(deep fried tofu topped with fish flake)
(baked eggplant with miso sauce)
16.Shitake Butter Yaki
(pan fried Japanese mushroom with garlic butter)
(chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce)
18.Ika Ring
(deep fried squid ring)
19.Beef Tataki
(sliced rare beef with ponzu sauce)
20.Hotate Age
(deep fried scallop)
22.Beef Sashimi
(sliced raw beef with garlic, green onions and ponzu sauce)
(boiled soy beans with salt)
24.Spinach Butter Yaki
(pan fried spinach with garlic butter)
25.Soft Shell Crab
(deep fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce)
26.Enoki Beef Roll
(thinly sliced beef wrapped around baby mushrooms, grilled and served with teriyaki sauce)
(Japanese dumplings, filled with chicken)
28.Vegetable Tempura
(deep fried assorted vegetable)
(grilled black cod)
31.Tempura Appetizer
(2 pieces shrimp, 5 pieces vegetable)
32.Salmon Belly
(grilled salmon belly with teriyaki sauce)
33.Hamachi Kama
(grilled yellowtail)
34.Yam Tempura
(deep fried sweet potato)
35.Cold Tofu
(tofu served with green onion)
36.Grill Vegetable
(assorted grilled vegetable with teriyaki sauce)
37.Shrimp Skewers
(5 pieces shrimp skewers with teriyaki sauce)

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