Udon (Noodle)

(Includes Salad)
56.Chicken Udon
(Grilled chicken noodle soup)
57.Shitake Udon
(Japanese Mushroom noodle soup)
59.Tempura Udon
(2 pieces of shrimp tempura and assorted vegetable tempura noodle soup)
60.Beef Udon
(Sliced beef noodle soup)
61.Katsu Udon
(Deep fried pork noodle soup)
62.Nabeyaki Udon
(Assorted vegetable and seafood noodle soup)
63.Yaki Udon
(Pan fried noodle with chicken and vegetable)
Chicken change to:
(1) tofu: $1.00 extra
(2) shrimp (or beef): $3.00 extra
64.Cold Soba
(choice of chicken, salmon, beef, pork or tempura)
65.(A) Steamed Noodle $6.95
(B) Vegetarian Udon
(tofu and assorted vegetables noodle soup)
($1.00 for change to soba - Japanese buckwheat noodles)

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